My name is Dina and I'm a Lebanese illustrator and designer living in Dubai. For the past 7 years, I have been working as a Visual Designer at IBM designing digital experiences for clients ranging from healthcare, telecommunications to government. In my free time, I love to work with my hands, whether it's to draw portraits, create websites, or grow tomatoes!

I speak four and a half languages, and I love to travel and spend time in nature. I am currently challenging myself by growing my own veggies on a tiny balcony in the middle of Dubai.

In my free time away from the corporate hustle, I like to take on creative projects, so if you need help creating visuals or setting up a website for your business, get in touch!

I can help you with:

Illustration → Custom portraits → Children Book Design → Editorial illustration → Live Drawing

Design → Web Design → Mobile App Design → User Experience Audit → Iconography → Data Visualization

Teaching → Workshops → Talks & Lectures

Get in touch

Have an idea for a project, or just wanna say hi? I'd love to hear from you!

Email me at hi@dinatawil.com